Clean Energy and Environmental Stewardship

The economy of our community is dependent on a healthy environment. Millions of people visit our communities each year because of the natural beauty of our region. In the era of climate change, we must do everything we can to preserve it. Sea levels are not getting any lower and our region is going to be particularly hard hit if we don’t take positive steps.

We need to diversify our energy resources and adopt alternative solutions.

I support the extension of the solar tax credits. In the Attorney General’s Office Office, I worked with the Environmental Protection Division to put together our solar energy guide.

I am also open to the newest proposal for deepwater wind turbines that would be located about 15 miles offshore. This proposal is still in the early planning and we need to address all of the stakeholders’ concerns, specifically the fishing industry. However, done right, this may be a solution worth pursuing.

Exploring diverse alternatives also means studying the viability of tidal energy, a powerful resource that, if workable, could be a unique energy source.

I am heartened about the closure of Pilgrim Nuclear. But we need to make sure that it is closed safely and responsibly, and the nuclear waste is stored in Yucca mountain where we paid for it to go.

Nitrification of our water table is also a real problem and one that we need to address. It depletes the oxygen content in water and kills ocean life - like eel grass and shellfish. It can also lead to eutrophication or large algae blooms in our water making it unappealing to swim in.

I will fight to secure additional funding for wastewater treatment and work to incentivize alternative waste water solutions. Right now there are alternative sewers, even toilets that help take ammonia out of our water. We need to pursue alternatives because our way of life here depends on it.