Affordable Housing

Housing is a basic human right and yet today, the lack of affordable housing is driving young people and working families out of our district. Seniors who helped to build this community can’t afford to remain in their homes and we are at risk of becoming an economy that must import its workforce. I talk with small business owners from across our district and they continually tell me that one of their biggest challenges is finding employees. Workers can’t afford to live here.

As your next State Representative, I will:

  • Fight to secure state funds for affordable housing in the district, particularly smaller, community-based projects

  • Increase homeownership opportunities for working families by investing in new homeownership units and innovative first-time homebuyer programs.

  • Work with local officials to rework our zoning laws to encourage more housing creation of all types, particularly downtown. Doing so will create a more vibrant downtown and allow both young people and seniors to enjoy easy access to transportation and shopping.